Demo Sites

Need to Demo or Test a Project? We can set up a demo site for you, WordPress or static, for a limited period without you having to commit to a lengthy contact. .. more to come… continue reading

Non-Profit Organisations

We understand many smaller charities, social clubs and communities groups cannot afford professional hosting and support services. However, we believe in their essential role in society and support them where we can. This is often at minimal cost or free … continue reading

Building Your Site

We still build websites from scratch and customise or modernise already established websites. New websites or changes that are unique to your needs. These are larger projects and the work is bespoke to you. Running a Large Project The way… continue reading

Buy Support

Description: The S6 Support Package gives you 6 hours of support, development or training time, used in any combination during the 12 months of the pack’s validity. The S12 Support Package gives you 12 hours of support, development or training… continue reading

Boutique Web Sites

Boutique sites are normal websites but smaller and simpler:  often only one page long, maybe two. The content is invariably static and the details may not need updating for many years. Boutique sites are also known as brochure, or web-card… continue reading


Current sample prices, please ask for details Service FROM £ Period Sub* Notes Simple hosting 70.00 yearly  Y you provide the domain; non-e-commerce use Enhanced hosting 129.00 yearly  Y sites with advanced features Domains (from) 10.00 yearly domain prices vary,… continue reading

Hosting & Support

We provide a range of hosting and support services whether you are experienced and want total control, or someone who, frankly, doesn’t have the time, but needs a website WordPress Hosting When you purchase a hosting package from us, we… continue reading

WordPress Hosting

When you purchase a hosting package from us, we provide you with a complete WordPress installation for you to create a website or blog. You have full control as administrator and, within the T&Cs, you may do anything (legal) you… continue reading