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Service FROM £ Period Notes
Simple hosting 70.00 yearly you provide the domain; non-e-commerce use
Enhanced hosting 129.00 yearly sites with advanced features
Domains (from) 10.00 yearly domain prices vary, some domains can attract additional charges
One-off support,
or Training
49.99 hourly £30 min.; plus expenses if applicable
Support S6 alone 269.00 12 months have 6 hours of support at any time
Simple Hosting with Support S6 299.00 yearly inc. 6 hours of support
Support S12 alone 469.00 12 months have 12 hours of support at any time
Simple Hosting with Support S12 499.00 yearly inc. 12 hours of support
Enhanced Hosting with Support E12 699.00 yearly inc. 12 hours of support for e-commerce or forum sites
Boutique sites 49.99
set-up (from)


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An Enhanced site is defined as one running an advanced plugin, such as a forum (eg. BuddyPress) or e-commerce plugin (eg. WooCommerce). These plugins use more resources and require a more in depth level  of support: consequently they are charged at a higher rate. A simple site selling manually managed items, using for example a Paypal button, is not for this purpose defined as an e-commerce site.

Charities and similar Non-Profit organisations can apply for substantial discounts

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